On 2021

I’m very late for this, but given the “diary” in The Schizophrenia Diaries, I like to give an annual… let’s call it New Year’s (end of 2021)/(twenty-fourth) birthday update.

I made lots of writing progress last year. I launched my newsletter, my fiction project, In Blood, Our Legacy, published three books (can’t believe it), and made progress on this blog, my alternative sexuality blog, and all my fiction on Archive of Our Own.  I launched early access memberships and more on my Buy Me a Coffee. I’m still posting about twenty-five thousand words per month across my projects, and hoping to publish my fifth book soon. Wrapping up a few things and clearing my plate a little because I have so many more ideas I want to make space for and write. 

I also started teaching alternative sexuality webinars (January 2021). I taught twenty-seven classes in 2021, including events for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), the first alternative sexuality organization founded in the United States (NYC), and Wicked Grounds, an adult coffeeshop, gallery, and boutique (San Francisco). I currently have a seven class repertoire. I launched my website for this as well, with loads of class content, now on a subscription basis, consulting, and now Office Hours. I’ll be teaching many more classes this year for lots of awesome venues. The positive response to my content has been overwhelming. This past week, I taught four different classes for myself and for two other venues, including another class for TES.

I’ll be teaching at my first conference in April, THRIVE, an alternative sexuality and mental health conference, presenting my class, Schizophrenia in the Scene, on how to be an ally to alternative sexuality practitioners with schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis, as an acquaintance, group leader, or partner. (I’ve pledged half of proceeds for that class to the National Alliance on Mental Illness; most of my classes were free in 2021, but are now mostly ticketed). 

I also launched Las Vegas TNG (The Next Generation) in May. We had twenty-one events throughout the rest of the year, and our first (outdoor) event in 2022 got about thirty people. This is a social group for local eighteen to thirty five year olds to explore alternative sexuality topics and more in a safe and supportive environment. There are many TNG chapters around the world. We’re having lots of fun and making new friends.  

I began taking the online, 400-hour Private Residence Butler Course through the International Institute of Modern Butlers (January). It’s a self paced, one on one correspondence course that has taught me so much that I channel into my homemaking and teaching. I’m currently on Module 8 of 22, but picking up the pace and working on it every day. I’ve picked up a lot of new related skills and been working on my health and therefore consistency.

2021 was a wild year, and I can’t even cover everything here. I’m thankful I got to spend so much of it with my amazing wife, awesome mom, and adorable cats. A lot’s been going on and is coming up in 2022, as well. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

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