June 2022 Update

While this isn’t really a journal blog, more of a related essay collection, given the diaries name, I do like to give an overall life update every so often as something like a general what is my life (as a schizophrenic) really like. 

So, the first half of 2022.

  • Had several wonderful holidays. Birthdays (I turned twenty-four in January), Mother’s Day, New Year’s, Valentine’s. Took a lovely birthday staycation with my mom in a local hotel.
  • So much writing. I published two books (in one week) this March! My longtime dystopian project Contrivance: The Devisers and Their Secrets, and the latest installment of the I’ll Give You series, The Second IGY Companion. I also launched a new blog in April: A Productive Hannah (productivity essays, especially about the whys and philosophy of it, especially for those who don’t fit the typical productivity mold). Posted a new standalone short story, “What Happened Last Storm” (also April). And, kept up on my usual projects. 
  • Lots of teaching. I taught twenty-two webinars, including one for my first conference (also in April), on being an ally to alternative sexuality practitioners with psychosis, and several for awesome venues. I also added three new classes to my repertoire (including one on productivity) and two new on demand only demo videos to my educational website. I was also interviewed on a podcast for the first time in February.
  • I’ve been making progress on butler school. Currently on Module 10 of 22, and learning a lot. 
  • I learned to drive! I finally got my license this month, and my wife and I also bought a new car that is easier for me to drive. 
  • We sold the rental property! Closing was in April. Now looking to reinvest. 
  • Hosted sixteen events for Las Vegas TNG (a group for local young adults interested in alternative sexuality), and launched the group’s Discord server in March. 
  • I got a membership at a coworking space I’ve been loving and getting so much done at. Started going occasionally in April, got the membership in May. 
  • I upped my housewife game, did various home improvement/organization/deep cleaning projects, watched the plants grow, and did all of the usual homemaking routines. 
  • I renewed some of my certificates from courses, and got my ham radio technician license (March). Read thirteen books (some relevant favorites include Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks and Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen). Drastically changed my handwriting (January—slightly more legible). Added a bunch of yummy recipes to my repertoire. Did a lot of crafting (sewing, crochet, other). Started making my own soaps (June) and started drawing (January). Practiced aerial silks. Managed and improved my health and continued with my psychiatrist. Got into hiking (June). 

It’s been a bit of a wild ride, but mostly, good times.

There’s lots of exciting things coming up in the second half of 2022 as well. I’m definitely looking forward to July and beyond.

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