I live with my wonderful wife, Kate, and our two adorable cats. I’m a housewife and landlord/property manager.

I first started showing definite symptoms of schizophrenia in winter 2012-2013, around my fifteenth birthday, and was diagnosed in Fall 2015 at seventeen. I had begun psychiatric treatment in 2012 at fourteen for symptoms of anxiety, and was dually diagnosed with with autism. Later events in 2019 at age twenty-one left me with PTSD.

My main passion is writing:

  • Alternative sexuality nonfiction on my other blog. I’m also an educator and group facilitator in this area. More here.
  • Fiction on Archive of Our Own. I like to write fiction that focuses on diverse, complex characters, that explores things like power and morality, the meaning of consent, queer and kinky theory, mental illness, and the power of female relationships.
  • About writing on Buy Me a Coffee. I also do writing commissions.
  • When ready for book form, my works are published on Amazon.

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