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“Are You Hallucinating?”

Assorted Illnesses and Language (A Conlang Concept)

Functionality Thresholds and Medication

Knowing Your Mind Is Vulnerable, and What You Do About It

My Schizophrenia Tamagotchi

On Farrah and Treatment

Sanity, or Writing?

The Protection of a Facade


Becoming Your Characters, For Better or Worse: A Schizophrenic Author and the Real World

Flash Memoirs From My Notebook in 2020

I Went Off My Medication and Hallucinated Evanescence

Images You Can’t Shake

Just Another Day, Maybe

My Imaginary Dog Wants Me to Be Psychotic: The War Between Creativity and Functionality

My Schizophrenia Story

On Developing PTSD… After Writing Characters With PTSD, as a Schizophrenic

Person First Language: But Who Am I Without Schizophrenia?

Psychosis and Beyond as Self Soothing

The Notebook Universe (Delusion)

The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Narratives, Trauma, and My Childhood Dog

This Is What Schizophrenia Feels Like

Tracking Contrivance vs. My Mental Health at the Time

Turning Hallucinations into Characters: Are They Any More Real?

Would I Cure Myself?


Being a Schizophrenic, Creative Type Dropout

How to Be an Ally to People With Psychosis

July 6th

Kabbalah for Schizophrenics (Or: Spending Too Much Time in Atziluth)

My Most Common Hallucinations

My Types of Dissociation

Schizophrenia in Creativity and Productivity

Sundowning, and Daydreams vs. Hallucinations

The Limitations of Translating Daydreams to Other Mediums

This Is For

Tracking the I’ll Give You Series vs. My Mental Health at the Time

Vacation Memories, or Not: Early Signs of Psychosis

Want to Know About Schizophrenia? Ask a Schizophrenic

Why We Need Diverse Stories (A Letter I Wrote in a Dream)


A Few Weeks in the Life

Evaluating My Care Team

The Last Month and a Half